7 Secrets of Successful Freelance Writers

Have you ever wondered how some writers are super successful and earning money from their craft? Perhaps, you have tried this and failed? Or are you just cracking freelancing for the first time? Thinking that you have what it takes? Before you get started, I have something to share with you: 7 secrets of successful freelance writers.

7 secrets of successful freelance writers

1.      Be realistic

It is not acceptable to submit the articles from the right, left, centers, to the editors, if your writing is not par. Maybe you have weak punctuations and grammar. Or not have an idea of polishing an article with formatting. Then wait for the moment because writers have learned everything from scratch. It is not probable that being a professional writer, you are starting to earn money from the next day. Invest in the excellent writing class and get a good grammar book and do what it takes.

2.      Study the market

It might be okay that you want to earn through your living articles or stories. It is because you want to release yourself from the shackles of 9-5. So, you can get out of bed when it is time for you. Rather than dressing up in office formal dressing, you can dress in your old gown and until noon crafting.

After the moment, the money will start rolling in, but every writer’s life is not the same. Many writers need to discipline themselves in front of computers even when they don’t feel like it. They can have the luxury to give up their job not right away, but at least if you can chum out some of the useful, published articles or the stories per week. It would help if you marketed them still. Sometimes people might take longer to write the essay than you do in the first place. Study the markets and the writers before submitting the articles

3.      Crafting a good query letter

Your pitch to the editor gives him the rise of the taste that you want to share with them and then ask them to sell. It is the critical process, particularly the most important one. When the editor is not hooked up in the first couple of paragraphs, you can forget it. If you can’t sell the pieces, you can forget how the article will look, regardless of its accuracy.

So, crafting a good query is making sense. It would help if you took the time of thinking about what you want to say and then say it concisely. It would help if you learned more about how to draft the perfect query letter.

4.      Consistency pays off

The consistent person is the only one who can get there at the end. If you are the one who has a lot of talent but cannot tolerate rejection, then you are not that writer. It is because sacrifice is the parcel and part of being the writer. The writer who has not received the rejection yet might be the one who is not even trying to get there because the well-known writer is facing the rejections. If your work is rejected, then send it back as soon as possible and get another market for it. If it is submitting every time, then edit, revise, and then resubmit it.

5.      Decide what you want to write.

If you wish to write nonfiction articles, you can be at the loss of what to write. The best thing you can do here is to grab the paper, pen, and then brainstorm the ideas. For example, what job you had, you might be a teaching professional, so you must have the coaching methods or the experience of working outdoors.

Regarding the interest and hobbies, you can list down your best ideas. If you were a genealogist, then you can write about how to start the family tree. Or you might have the experience of collecting rare information.

Also, think about all those questions when you are in a new hobby or some interest. Consider if you have ever traveled to some unusual countries., rode on the back of a camel, sampled cuisine, and then encountered some strange customs. There is a vast market of parenting, health, and travel articles. There is an enormous market for speculative erotica and fiction.

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6.      Do your research

It is not acceptable to open your file in MS Word and to type away if you don’t know which thing you are typing. Every journalist, even the top ones, need to carry out the research. For example, if you want to write an article on starting a new business, then preparing the questionnaire for the successful businessman has its pros.

You can craft two or three items from your research by searching about different slants. Look for the specific information on your website, and then be regular to your local library, because research pays off. Also, if you have a problem contacting experts, then you can check Prof Net. 

7.      Promote your work

Suppose you are the lucky person who has published his work already and think about setting up their website. You can do it for free by using platforms like a tripod. Lycos, GeoCities. Yahoo and free webs. You also don’t need to know anything about the HTML of programming, because it is already done for you. You can use your website for publishing your work on your site; for example, you might be teaching the class online. You can also promote your work with the link to your latest article in the signature of your Outlook Express, Yahoo, MSN, or the e-mail programs.


Here I have mentioned the seven secrets, which will make a successful writer even when you start from scratch. Almost all the expert writers are trying them.  Starting your career as a freelance writer might take some time, but you will get what you want sooner or later. I have given you the best tips, but what you think you get.

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