Important Points for Starting a Quality Blog to Replace a 9-5 job

What is a quality blog? Want to start your own blogging business? If yes, then read on. The ultimate guide is specially designed on the essential strategies to make your hobby into the reason to leave your 9-5. By following these strategies, you will monetize your blog channel and make dollars.

Earn money through the quality blog and replace 9-5

1.                   Choose the best niche for quality blog

Mostly, experts recommend you to choose the niche in which you are passionate to write. But the reality is a little different, although consistency and resiliency are essential. But some business factors are necessary to select your niche:

  • Audience revenue potential
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Professional leverage
  • Keyword research

Keywords choice is important and must consider the following factors while incorporating the keywords in your blog.

  • Revenue drivers: Low competition, Medium volume, High CPC keywords
  • Blog builders: Medium-high competition/high-volume

Hence, niche quality is entirely depending on; what your target audience wants. You must be smart enough to choose the right niche to bring you revenue.

2.                   Your quality blog’s goals?

Since a goal without a plan is not more than a wish. Also, an essential point while starting a blog. After selecting the right niche, it is important to track everything. It is not only about your content ideas and to-dos, but also about your goals, and motivations. Such factors are:

  • Goals
  • Profile
  • Reason for starting a blog

By considering these all points, you can get your trail and monitor it in the ideal form.

3.                   How to make money fast blogging? Choose a Domain name.

Your domain name must be niche-specific, perfectly catchy, and short with memorable dot domain. Here are some other things that you must choose while choosing the right domain name for your website:

  • Your domain prices
  • It would help if you chose your domain name.
  • Extensions of your domain

The domain is important while starting your blog. Also, it is the way that people will recognize your website. Moreover, it is used to identify and acknowledge numbers on your computer. Therefore, you must choose them wisely.

4.                   Select a blog hosting company and register your domain for quality blog

Mostly, the website needs a web host to save their site on their server, and people can access it online. Moreover, your blog can not be on the internet with no hosting account. It must have some features like:

  • High-speed servers
  • High-end measures of security
  • 99% uptime of the server
  • Easy dashboard which is perfect for beginners
  • Several hosting options
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Simple cPanel dashboard
  • Free SSL certificate

5.                   Installation of WordPress and start your quality blog

From the following step by step guide, you can register yourself with your domain name and the web hosting plan:

  • Visit the website
  • Select your web hosting plan
  • Write your domain name
  • Enter your details
  • The registration is almost done
  • Set your password and complete your account
  • Log in and use your account

Having a blog hosting company can give you reliable services. Moreover, you can get the reliability to promote the website to get your dollars.

6.                   Your blogging content management system (CMS)

After choosing the web-hosting company and getting through the initial planning phases, the next step is selecting the ideal blogging platform.

Here are the top blogging platforms:

  • Blue shot
  • Wix
  • Tumblr
  • Medium
  • Square space Wix
  • Gator
  • Ghost

All of them are free and with the help of these website builders, create any website easily.

7.                   Select your blog theme for quality blog

Once you have chosen your WordPress account, it is vital to select the theme of your WordPress. A WordPress theme is a collection of files, templates, and style sheets. Moreover, a WordPress theme is essential to choose the design and appearance and design of your WordPress website.

You can edit on the theme appearance editor:

  • Menus
  • Colors
  • Site identity
  • Additional

You must choose the one with a perfect theme that is easy to use, has eye-catching layouts, and is well supported.

8.                   Installation of your word press plugins

You can easily customize your site in several ways because WordPress is an open-source, and it begins with WordPress plugins. It serves with several tools that will extend the functionality of your website and set its features. The top features for your website:

  • BigCommerce
  • Asset Cleanup: the page speed booster
  • Easy table of contents
  • Classic editor
  • Yoast SEO

Mostly, these all plugins are safe and thoroughly tested. Hence, you will get complete progress and have a versatile quality.

9.                   Setup the blog’s SEO for quality blog

A super important factor of ranking is the blog pages and posts URLs. When you set the new post or page, you can see the page editor and choose the URL with dot com. Here are the features that are like the permalink:

  • Static hyperlinks
  • The text after .com is what the permalinks are.
  • Go to “settings”
  • Follow the post name from the options of settings and then Customs.
  • Save the settings before exiting the page.

After following simple SEO tips, you can rank your page in SERPs. It can increase customers’ conversation rates and web traffic. After completing the structure of your blog, it’s time to start the blog posts. After then, your content creation can begin with the keywords search. Here are the steps to write the ranked content:

  • Search and add keywords to your posts
  • Write blog posts that are according to search intent.
  • Create the pre-launch pages
  1. Home page
  2. About page
  3. Contact page
  4. Widgets: footers, sidebars, and blocks

Although the pillar content can take hours more than the short blog but will pay for the length in the form of a business blog, you must find the referral traffic, and the extra search to get what you want.

10.               Link building and guest post outreach

Guest blogging is the best way to promote your blogs. Here are some of the crucial steps that are necessary for the link building and post outreaching:

  • Get the guest posting opportunities.
  • Plan your content
  • Pitch your guest post ideas
  • Write the guest post.
  • Check other link building strategies.

Link building is not that much difficult. Your end goal is to build more links with less effort.


To learn how to start a blog is super easy. Still, you need to consider the options carefully. Because turning your blogs into a smart money-making business, requires hard work, consistency, and SEO mastery. Moreover, you must learn through more courses all the money-making affiliate marketing, Google AdSense, podcast, and more. We hope this guide has helped you a lot, and you can start your own successful blogging business.





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