Innovative ways to Thank Mom, This Mothers Day

Mothers are the sweetest creation on planet Earth. A mother's heart is the purest of all. No demands, no ego, no selfishness, just love.

Mothers are the sweetest creation on planet Earth. A mother’s heart is the purest of all. No demands, no ego, no selfishness, just love. No other relation can be compared with the relation of a mother. From the day you were born to till now, she has been talking about taking care of you without a day off. Yes, like you get a day off from your work, she doesn’t get a day off. That’s the beauty of a mother. We know it’s hard to repay all sacrifices she has made to make you the successful person you are today, but at least we can thank her and honor her for her beauty, strength, and the beautiful woman she is. Below given are the ways to thank your mom, mother, mama, aunt any other lady in your life whom you consider as your mother. Read on!

Singer on call

This is the most innovative yet thoughtful way to thank your mother this mother’s day. Book a singer on-call service from a reputed website and dedicate a song to her that signifies your true feelings for her. All you need to do is visit the website that offers the service and think of a song you wish to dedicate and book online. The singer will make a call to your mom and will sing your chosen song. Isn’t it amazing?

Greeting Card

Another amazing idea to thank her is to pen down your true feelings for her. We bet nothing is better than a heartfelt note to let her know how much you love her. Get a mothers’ day card customized online, write your true feelings on it, and send it to your mother.


Just like she nurtured you, she would nurture the plant as well. If your mother has a green thumb, then gift her a lush and green potted plant on her special day and thank her for everything she has done for you. You can customise the plant with a special thank you note. Just visit any online nursery.

Surprise party

It’s mothers day, how can you not have a surprise party? This is one of the innovative ways to thank her. Call her close friends and relatives and organise a surprise party for her. Make sure you involve your cousins or close friends who can help you with food and catering. Also. Don’t forget to order cake online in Coimbatore or wherever you reside to make the occasion extra special. #go for a special mother’s day cake.

Cook For Her

She cooks for you all the time. Whatever you say, she serves you on the table. Motherlove is beyond words. On her special day, take out time from your busy schedule and cook her favorite dish and make her feel special. She will love the sweet gesture you made for her.

Personalised Gift

Nothing expresses your true feelings than a personalised gift. They make a great gift for anyone and everyone on any occasion. On mother’s day, gift your mom a thoughtful gift to express a thank you. Be it a customised mug or lamp or jewellery, and the choice is yours!

Take her out for a Spa

Mothers have all the time to take care of their kids but not themselves. She sacrifices her own time to make time for you. It’s your turn to pamper her and make her feel special. Book a spa for her and let her relax for a day. A perfect thank you gift for all her efforts.

A Getaway!

When was the last time you took your mom on holiday? We know it’s been a long time to spend nice family time together due to busy schedules. This mother’s day, get a day off from your busy schedules and plan a holiday with your mother to her favorite destination. Make sure you keep it a surprise ( don’t tell all the expenses, you know how moms are).

So, these were innovative and thoughtful ways to thank your mom on Mother’s day. Make sure you utilize the day well and pamper her. After all, she needs all the love she deserves. Happy Mother’s day!

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