Interview With Tanarak Visessonchoke : An International Award Winning Photographer

A worldwide award-winning wedding photographer with an architecture degree who blends architecture, design, photography, and art inspiration.

A worldwide award-winning wedding photographer with an architecture degree who blends architecture, design, photography, and art inspiration. Tanarak’s photography perspective was a refreshing change from the traditional event photography found in most event collections and albums. Natural, honest, candid, spontaneous, and even raw feelings are frequently described, which allows you to relax and enjoy your surroundings.

How did the business get its start?

I studied architecture in Bangkok, then moved to Singapore for three years to work, before moving to Paris for nearly two years. We relocated to Hong Kong since I was offered a job here. Since 2008, I’ve been in the photography industry in Hong Kong, and since 2017, I’ve been in San Francisco.

Why did you quit your job as an architect and establish your own company?

I enjoy taking photographs. I’ve recently converted my hobby into a profession. I like photography over architecture.

What method did you use to find your first client?

My first client was a buddy of mine. The wedding took place in New Zealand. My buddies enjoy the images that I took. That sparked the notion for me to establish my own photography company. I just created a website and advertised my services on it.

What prompted you to start a wedding planning company?

Because I photograph a lot of weddings, I attend a lot of them and see a lot of couples. I also discovered that high-quality wedding images are hard to come by in Hong Kong. I identified a gap in the industry and realized that I could do a lot more for customers who seek more personalized wedding services.

Does your business have a philosophy?

One of the things I focus on, as you can see in the photographs, is experience. In Hong Kong, people are frequently offered a limited number of selections for a conventional, dull wedding photo. But what I do is simply document the event and the day. I would not request anything from the pair. I simply document what occurs throughout the day. They can also recall what happened thanks to the photographs. Because if I ask them to do something, they will not do it. They would say that this is not the time they recall if I asked them to pose for photographs.

On the market, there is a diversity of photographers. How do you set yourself apart in the market?

I believe my photographs are distinct from those taken by local photographers. Clients are asked to pose for photographs by local photographers. That is something I do not do. I’m solely interested in capturing the moment. The photographs I take are just a record of what occurred. While some individuals may be unfamiliar with this kind of photography, others seem to enjoy it.

How do you stay motivated to run a business when you’re already so busy?

When I retire, I want to do my own thing. I enjoy my career, but I don’t see myself doing it until I’m in my fifties. It’s gratifying to work hard for your own firm.

What is the source of inspiration for your business?

I don’t enjoy looking at other people’s work since it might make you feel trapped. I enjoy coming up with new concepts. Traveling also gives me new ideas.

My photographs are meant to tell a story. Movies have taught me how to tell a better tale. Every customer is unique; they all come from various origins and have distinct tales to tell. Even though individuals get married at the same hotel, each wedding is unique. People have diverse tales to tell. For each wedding, my goal is to create a unique tale. Every wedding requires a unique approach. When you see new things, you can surely use what you’ve learned in your profession.

You’ve won several international honors for wedding photography. Could you provide us with a list of the accolades you’ve won in the past?

Yes, absolutely! WPJA, AGWPJA, and a few more organizations presented me with prizes. In 2011, 2012, 2014, and 2016, I was named to the top 100 list of international wedding photographers (from all around the world).



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