Meet GABRIELLA G, The Multi-Talented Fashion Expert

Gabriella Gitman a social media influencer

Meet Gabriella Gitman, a social media influencer and a woman of many talents. Fashion designer, stylist, editor, and photographer Gabriella stays quite busy; along with her other skills, she is also Co-Founder of the famous sneaker shop, @ODTORONTO.

Along with managing OD, Gabriella is one of the lead designers in its in-house clothing line. She manages the social media content, marketing and oversees all operations within the brand. 

Gabriella started her journey career and graduated with a fashion merchandising degree. There she pursued photography, which opened the doors for her passion for sneakers and developed her unique style. 

Her photography features a unique perspective by combining traditional street wear style photography with fashion editorial photography to create a mix of where both the product and the model are the focal point. 

She and her business partner together founded and built OD Toronto and a luxury street wears consignment shop located in the heart of Downtown Toronto’s fashion and arts district.

To say the least, Gabriella is the definition of a talented boss woman. We had the amazing opportunity to sit down with this powerhouse in an exclusive interview and get to know her a little more! Check it out below!

1. Where did you grow up?

I was born in Canada, but was raised in Israel from the age of 1-11 years old. I moved back to Canada in grade 6 and haven’t left since.

2. How did you get into fashion ? 

 Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been interested in fashion. My mom was a fashion designer and stylist, and when I was growing up, she always kept the scrap pieces of fabric from her sewings and gave them to me so that I could use them to glue, pin, and sew clothing for all my dolls. I chose to go to school for fashion merchandising to learn the ins and outs of how the fashion industry operates. While in college, I learned product photography, which started my initial step into the streetwear world. During this time, my business partner and I started developing the idea of creating OD, so I started taking pictures of all of his collections. We started posting all of his rare collections on the IG page; we began @odtoronto with the vision to build the craziest streetwear consignment shop Toronto’s ever seen. 

3. Who inspires you?

My business partner and our OD family for sure! The people I surround myself with have to be my biggest inspiration and motivation. On a daily basis, we keep each other motivated and support each other through everything. We constantly are thinking of new ways to add, change, and/or innovate. 

4. What is your era of style ? 

Definitely streetwear. I live in baggy clothes and sneakers, all year round.

5. What is your endgame with ODTO?

I strive to see OD become the household name that we know it will be.

6. If you could have a store anywhere, where would it be and why? 

I would like to see OD in cities worldwide, but to be honest, Toronto will always be my favorite location because it’s the city I was born in, and we were all raised in. 

Follow her content and all her amazing adventures on Instagram: @GGCLX



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