Next Silicon Valley; The Next Silicon Valley is Nowhere to Find

If you want to start a company, there is no better place in the world than to do it through Silicon Valley. Some good places from industries to get a success, like New York, the best place for starting a hedge fund.

What is silicon valley?

In South Francisco, silicon valley is the region, which is notable by the number of technology companies that have their headquarters there. Such companies include Google, Alphabet Inc., Facebook, and Netflix.

The term got its rise in the 1970s in regional business development and the technological reliance on the silicon transistors in every microprocessor.

Important notes

  • Silicon Valley is in the South San Francisco Bay area of California, the global centre of technological innovation.
  • Silicon Valley is after microprocessors, and it is the home for dozens of major software, technology, and companies of the internet.
  • It is the wealthiest region in the world and one of the hottest real estate markets.

What startups must know about silicon valley?

·         Startups have no zip codes.

Silicon Valley is no longer an ideal one, because of the massive inflation as per the cost of living over the past decade. The average home price is $1 million, with a six-figure salary is not necessarily enough to put out of the low-income bracket, back in the times of COVID-19.

However, the next spot was quite complicated, but experts have suggested some places like London, Shanghai, Beijing, Tel Aviv, Paris, and even Philadelphia to offer the shortlist. Overall, it means that startups can be successful outside the Bay area zip code.

Benefits of the cloud

The cloud gives benefits to several companies, including the ability to scale quickly and then be dispersed geographically to build the importance of products virtually. Companies have found today that they have a significant leg up.

Their cost structure is perfect, and they have the best recruiting staff to spot the best candidate around every corner of the world. The customers’ demographics are increasingly digital which leads to the alignment between the customers and the virtual startups to solve business problems.

Implications for startups

When the epicenter of technological innovation is in the cloud, then the implications for the startups include:

  • Success will not be judged by the locations.
  • A Venture capital for the startups which comes to the silicon valley, because it has the supporting infrastructure
  • When digitalization of the services includes, startups can get the benefits from anywhere they need.
  • If a Midwest startup wanted to fund five years ago, they would be asked to move to Silicon Valley. Such an expectation will be removed.
  • Increasingly sophisticated collaboration tools must do away with the tech talent’s need to be on the same spot, further loosening Silicon valley.
  • It has put every startup in the same playing field of innovation.

Remote startups

Most startups are remote, for several companies, the pandemic has proved to execute virtually, leading to the drastic rise in the acceptance of the virtual model. For several startups, the lower costs will be running almost, and it is combined to spot the best talent anywhere in the world, which will offer significant benefits.

Also, companies are horning remote operations. They are promoting the flexible scale for little investment infrastructures and leading to the renewed innovator called the exponential organizations. Again, companies will quickly spin up to get the best people anywhere in the world.

 What startups need to learn?

Startups will need to learn how to build the company’s culture virtually. Moving to virtual space will take more work for the companies to do from home. Leaders also figure out how they can build teams cohesive and culture. It makes teams and the culture of innovation where people are geographically dispersed.

But the key here is that a virtual startup is equivalent to having a strong culture. It is about having the underlying safety net when it is a matter of excelling virtually. Several people have great ideas for excelling in things virtually. Different companies have different ideas that are hard to execute, which is only possible through culture.

Silicon Valley and the shift

The shift is on its way. Startups can also learn to get developed such a technological change virtually and build a strong culture that is better found in the cloud is the most critical innovation hotspot.

·         Use the college network

According to the expert advice for the young people who are first landing on the silicon Valley, they must have early access to the people who can give them the ledge up to the ladder. The original method is to use the college network. For that, it is suitable for those who use to attend Silicon Valley.

·         Work as a hot company.

Second, it is essential to make a list of the hottest companies in the valley and apply for the job there. Such advice is more applicable to people who are not on the pledge to the Silicon Valley network.

·         Have good ideas

People who made money in the Valley are only interested in getting on the next big thing. It is the most important consideration that people must have at a young age about the SVC to be relentless and develop the right ideas.

·         Never stop networking

Only the reluctant network will force you to overcome the discomfort and then be good at it. It is also advised that young people must take on the most significant challenges in early careers. After they get older, they must take on some family responsibilities and their tolerance for the risk decline.


People believe that it is essential for young people to give back without being compensated. Also, it is necessary to be thoughtful and respectful to everyone. Again, young people must do their work they are best at, and they love to do that. In that way, they will work best, and won’t feel like it works. Overall, it is the perfect startup, and while serving 24/7, they are 120% into it.







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