Star2 : How He Went From Refugee To Riches

Born in Thailand in a refugee camp, where Star2 lived with his grandmother after being abandoned by his mother and never had a relationship with my father.

It was only when his grandmother was chosen in the lottery, he had the opportunity to move to the United States where he lived in San Diego with her, his uncle, and four others. He had a love for music and would play the guitar. He started his music career in middle school when he began rapping and making music videos and his success continued from there.

He is dedicated and works harder than anyone else. He writes his own music and lyrics.  He seeks out other artists for collaborations. His specialty has been loved and breakups, but lately he has expanded to his life struggles – here and in the camp.

He is successful because he is proud of what he creates and puts into the world.

You can check him out on Instagram @Star2Official and on all other platforms Spotify, iTunes, and Soundcloud. You can also follow my vlogs on YouTube, The Adventures of Star2. 

Thanks for taking the time, we are excited to see your career continue to grow and really love your new music! 

Check out his new song “If you Want 2” and all his other music on YouTube, Spotify, and Soundcloud.


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