T3 vision of “Who Will Be The Chosen One”

T3 vision of “Who Will Be The Chosen One”
T3 vision of “Who Will Be The Chosen One”

Chosen is a brand that was established in the early 2020s by the designer Tetra T3 who had a vision of “Who Will Be The Chosen One” with a unique perspective that the company will be established off of the concept of meaning being chosen he object selected through divine favor.

Chosen is founded by the multi-talented artists, Tetra, also known as T3, a Toronto-based artist best known for combining multiple genres and mediums into intricate large-sized paintings, skateboards, and unique sculptures that have multiple dimensions of depth.
The vision of T3’s mind behind it It’s the unique perspective that the company’s founder, Tetra, has in color spectrums of light and how they react with his retina. This brand will bring forth augmented reality experiences that allow others to see color as he does. Chosen is a brand that focuses on bringing unique visual experiences and crossing dimensional barriers of thought. 
We had the opportunity to sit down with T3 and get his insight on the brand. 

Who is the designer? 

Tetra, also known as T3. @TETRATHEGOD
What does chosen mean?
Chosen is the object selected through divine favor 
What does the brand stand for?
It stands for being chosen.
If chosen were to select a celebrity brand ambassador, who would it be and why?
If I had to choose someone it would be Elon Musk or Kanye West, or both.
You can follow Tetra and his brand CHOSEN at the social media platforms below: 



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