The Legend Behind “The Script”, Tetra

T3 vision of “Who Will Be The Chosen One”
T3 vision of “Who Will Be The Chosen One”

Tetra, T3, is a Toronto based artist originally from Teheran, Iran who is best known for being an artist that combines multiple genres and mediums into intricate large sized paintings, skateboards, and unique sculptures that have multiple dimensions of depth as well “The Script.”

The Script is Tetra own style and language conveying hidden messages that carry the power of the spoken word. 

We had the pleasure to sit down with Tetra and get a first hand look and interview into his art and own style and language conveying hidden message, “The Script”

  1. How did you get into art? 

I was always a creative person and would sketch on any surface that I could get my hands on as a kid. In high school, I started getting more into graffiti, painting bridges, and train carts. Years later I was interested in buying some original pieces from artists such as Kaws and Banksy but when I found out the price that an original piece sells for I realized that I’m better off creating a piece for myself to enjoy at my home. After a few attempts at recreating different pieces that I liked people started messaging me to buy my pieces.

  1. Tell us about “The Script”?

It is my interpretation of what geometric shapes need to represent which sounds through my own personal experience with sacred geometry. It also gave me an outlet to be able to write all thoughts in an open space without the fear of judgement. It is like writing a journal that the whole world can see, but no one can read. I believe that if you look at different forms of art in each culture you will find more similarities than differences. And that is because within each culture, people are trying to conform to what they believe is accepted and marketable. Thus creating an echo chamber where most work is quite similar. By having my own script that cannot be deciphered it gives me the artistic liberty to say and write any thought that I have without conforming, adapting, or changing to fit into an accepted paradigm.  

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Instagram: @TETRATHEG0D


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