What is Blogging and Why Should You Start a Blog in 2021?

If you are thinking of starting your blog in 2021? Then don’t think about it more, do it! To start a blog will be the best decision.

What is blogging?

A blog is an informational website or online journal that displays information in a different chronological order, with the recent post appearing at the top. It is an online platform where a single writer or a group of writers share their views online regarding different subjects.

Here are the top reasons why to start a blog in 2021.

1.      Free to start a blog virtually

If you are worried about, some investment in blogging as in other businesses, don’t worry. You only need:

  • Hosting website
  • Domain name
  • What to put in a blog

Yes, that’s it, your business will be all set. Having a strong command of the English language with some blogging tactics, you can start your blogging.

2.      Grows your existing business

Here are the stats that will give you the idea of how important blogging will be for your existing business:

  • B2B marketers generate 67%, more marketing with blogging than without.
  • Marketers will have 13x more positive ROI on their efforts with blogging.
  • According to the survey, 57% of marketers have gained more customers.
  • Small businesses with blogs got 126% more leads than those who don’t.
  • 77% of people consider reading blogs while buying anything online
  • In the US, people spend 3x time reading blogging and articles online.

Having a creative project or another business, with blogging on your website is a better idea. Moreover, it will help you to gain more trust from people and create your email list.

3.      Start a blog; it is all yours, unlike social media.

Your online blogs are the direct communication route with your audience. Having your blog channel is a better idea than posting on social media. Because:

  • Blogs provide long-lasting content on your websites.
  • Social media are event-driven and situational and can make irrelevant content quickly.
  • Self-contained experiences and content will not lose their relevancy.
  • Can get more content to prove the point.
  • Social media posts have a short lifespan.
  • Blogs engagement and drive sales

Hence, the social network’s content can be lost in some minutes. However, messages in blogs will stay there for more time and can bring more business.

4.      Make money from day one

Sometimes, things can be unfortunate enough that you cannot do a business from day one but with blogging you can monetize it instantly. Through:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sale products like course, e-book, and menu plans
  • Sell services like writing, coaching, speaking, etc.

If you start blogging today, you can easily make money from day one with several opportunities’

5.      Start a blog and earn credibility and authority

The Archive content can make you the expert on your niche over time. In addition to this, it can make you credible. From the following ways, you can bring credibility and authority:

  • Get feedback
  • Get statistics
  • Bold the good stuff
  • Use the image to make more emphasize
  • Read before what you write.
  • Talking to your audience
  • Support the content with examples

These tips will help you to build credibility and enhance content engagement. It is the bog that attracts customers and visitors.

6.      Service to other people

Your writeups can be virtuous at times you didn’t imagine yet. You can change other people’s lives with the help of your blogs:

  • Creating inspirational and motivational blogs
  • Establishing new business plans and idea
  • Helping them with their emotional problems
  • Affiliate marketing and guiding them about your products

Hence, in several ways, you can quickly help other people. After selecting your niche, you can serve them.

7.      Learn new skills and enhance your creativity

You will continuously be learning new skills and easily flex your muscles. With the help of blogging, you can learn:

  • Crafting compelling stories and learn from several first blog post examples
  • Sales pages
  • Designing images
  • Writing skills
  • Strengthening knowledge

It is not a dull activity at all. You will groom yourself as much as you can.

8.      Remote working

You have the liberty to work from anywhere and at any time. Hence, for the purpose you only need, an internet connection and can work from:

  • The mountains of Central America
  • Jungles in Thailand
  • Beaches of Hawaii
  • Cottages of Cape cod
  • Hotels, resorts, etc.

Thus, it is the ultimate freedom of working from any time and anywhere. Moreover, you can also write about your adventures while enjoying them, so, to not miss a point.

9.      Start a blog and be your boss

Who doesn’t want to be an entrepreneur, obviously everyone? But, here in with your entrepreneurship, you will also get:

  • Flexible schedule, freedom to work from home
  • Watching your kids grown up
  • Not sacrificing your self-care
  • Flexible schedules pay off your debts, travel the world.
  • Grow blogging from the passionate project with a full-time career
  • You can feel empowered, confident, about where to start and where you are wasting your money and time. Feel less overwhelmed and stressed

Hence with your blogging career, you can feel more satisfaction and see more results.

10.  Get more exposure

Blogging is an excellent way through which you can earn great exposure through:

  • Connection with potential customers
  • Online presence
  • Promoting brands with positive conversations and generating significant revenue

Hence, Blogging can rank your business through search engines and by their posts. Also, they can create residual leads and revenue.

11.  Get the authority in your industry.

Blogging can help you to give a platform that can showcase your expertise and knowledge. Relevant publishing posts, accurate, timely, and informative will get the attention eventually of the industry experts, and you can earn a reputation as a leader.

12.  Create your online portfolio

Bogging can help you to aspire freelance article writers and authors to write and to build their portfolios online. Hence, showing their writing skills on a large platform with expansive research freelancers can quickly gain new clients and get great exposure.


With the internet revolution, it is impossible to neglect the benefits of SEO blogging or building a website. In the past bloggers didn’t need blogging knowledge. Or, a guide to “how to start a blog” can guide you about several steps to start blogging. Hence, it is simple and easy to create your blog in 15 minutes. Still, if you are unsure, you must activate your freelancing platform before to start a self-hosted




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