Why Intranets Are the Secret to Improving Frontline Employee Experience

In today’s times, the world is digitalizing like crazy. Every company is changing its style of working and adopting new methods of working. Nowadays, leaders prefer revolutionizing the landscape i.e. the work role of frontline employees. If leaders do not bring change to their environment, their company might be a downfall. Therefore, it’s recommended for the front line workers to earn some digital working experience, comprehensive to their unique working abilities through a next-generation Intranet.

In this article, we’ll be discussing why intranets are the secret to improving frontline employee experience.

What is an Intranet System?

An intranet system is a method of communicating with other employees regarding projects, work roles, and more through a private network. The private network is only accessible to the company employees to gain access to important information, projects, assigning of roles, company updates, and more. In short, it’s a virtual hub where all the frontline employees can collaborate and interact with ease with other employees.

How Can Intranet Help In Improving Frontline Employee Experience?

The use of Intranet can help transform the overall work role of frontline employees. Frontline employees are a backbone of a company. Without mechanics, assembly line workers, cable installers, repairers, factory workers, and all the other types of front line staff, you’re company can’t proceed further. Therefore businesses will always need frontline workers in life. However, there is always one major problem that occurs among frontline workers, “miscommunication.” Communication is extremely crucial for this staff and due to lack of communication, they miss a ton of crucial details, causing poor customer satisfaction.

For this, leaders are advised to introduce a certain system for the frontline workers for proper communication and getting company-related updates. The best way it’s possible is through introducing an intranet to the workforce.

Intranets Transforming Employees Work Experience

If there is anything the leaders should know today, it’s an intranet. Intranets are the secret to improving frontline employee experience. They can help solve some of the most challenging problems regarding frontline worker’s engagement within the company.

The solutions are as follows:

  1. Manufacturing Sector

Leaders should make a concerted effort to acknowledge their manufacturing workers and provide opportunities for them to share feedback regarding the company. Badges, compliments, appreciation towards their work show gratitude for frontline employees and foster relationships among them and their office colleagues. Employees on the front lines of manufacturing have a significant effect on product quality. If they are updated and engaged regarding the company frequently through the intranet, it will bring Excellency towards the company’s growth.

  1. Pharmaceuticals 

The COVID-19 epidemic has accelerated digitalization across the pharmaceutical industry. The need for effective communication and consolidated knowledge will reach an all-time high. Intranets however will put important information at the fingertips of every employee through “consumer-grade search capabilities.” It will be a game-changer, bringing revolution to the pharmaceutical industry.

  1. Wholesale

The wholesale frontline workers (i.e. truck driver, merchandiser, sale person) are highly important to let the wholesale business run smoothly. It is why therefore wholesale businesses must emphasize a mobile-friendly intranet that allows frontline staff to access critical information from their preferred device.


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